About Anda


The culture of Anda, Pangasinan is a blend of the indigenous Malayo-Polynesian and western Hispanic and American cultures, with some Indian, and Chinese influences. Today, Pangasinan is very much westernized. The main centers of Pangasinense culture are Lingayen, San Carlos City, Dagupan City, and Manaoag.


Locals of anda are now thriving not only on farming and deep-sea fishing but as well as on livestocks and merchandising. In the past, progress at Anda was not that much due to lack of farm to market roads. Aggravated by the slow transportation in and out of the town due due to its dependence to a landing barge to cross the Catubig Channel separating Anda to mainland Bolinao. It would take you half or even a day to cross to Anda from Bolinao using only one landing barge to go back and forth of Anda. With the advent of the bridge, economy has increased drastically, more businesses have opened up and tourists start to visit the place. This bridge, known as Anda Bridge, was sponsored and inaugurated by then President Fidel V. Ramos in 1996, who hails from Pangasinan province. Main roads have been concreted for faster access to the barangays, especially tourism related places.

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